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Guy Mercier is a multi-talented artist, registered graphic designer, web developer, illustrator, 3D animator, Flash developer, photographer, and writer. He provides creative solutions for print, exhibits, and the web! Guy has 4 decades of experience in the production of communication products on a regional, provincial, national, and international levels. His combined talents places him above his competitors. He is basically a full service graphics studio. is celebrating his 15th Anniversary. In honor of 15anniverssarythe 15th Anniversary, will offer a 15% discount on all new projects.

For a no-obligation quote, simply call 613.710.3097, or send an email to . You could also use the on-line form on our contact page.

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There are 10 different portfolios with hundreds of samples to narrow down.

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These are a few of the social media web sites for Guy Mercier. These are a few of the social media web sites for Guy Mercier. The imagesare other Facebook pages. All the links will load in a new web browser window.

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The images are other Facebook pages. All the links will load in a new web browser window.

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Print Communication Products

Corporate Identity Packages

Includes designing the company logo, letterhead, business card(s), envelope, and other items, such as: store signage, company vehicle signage, kit folders, fact sheets, etc.

  • Books
  • Magazines
  • Newsletters
  • Annual Reports
  • Ads
  • Promotional Items
  • Product Packaging
  • Posters
  • Fliers
  • Brochures
  • Direct Mail
  • Kiosks
  • Pull-up Banners

Web Communication Products

  • Web sites complying to web publishing standards set by W3C.
  • Accessible
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Dynamic Content

  • Social Media Widgets
  • Java Scripts
  • Flash Action Scripts
  • On-line Forms


  • Animation & Programming


  • HTML
  • PHP

Source Coding

  • Meta Tags


Illustrations and Photography

Illustrations in a variety of mediums. Such as:
Pencil; Colored Pencil; Pen & Ink; Acrylic; or Watercolor.

Vector Illustrations (Digital)


  • Products
  • Personnel
  • Events

3D Illustrations and Animation

  • Single Frame Renderings
  • Movies

Writing Services

  • Ads
  • Graphics Standards Manuals
  • Web Content

I love reading your comments or seeing others liking and sharing what I publish on the web...


" OTD very much appreciates Guy Mercier's many generous contributions: he is creative and technologically adept and always brings an action perspective, he puts in place solutions almost before we know we have a problem! "

Margot Montgomery
Executive Director




"The word THANKS doesn't even touch on the depth of my appreciation for the work Guy Mercier did on the Bloody Words Mystery Writers Conference.

In addition to the brilliant creative on the website, and on the collateral (posters, bookmarks, t-shirts, program book, etc.) Guy provided us with ideas on how to market and promote the conference. He came up with the slogan - Mystery is afoot in Ottawa, and incorporated bloody footsteps into the design.

Attendees to the conference remarked on how professional the event was.  It was Guy who did that -- he gave us that look and feel. And it was also that professional look and feel that attracted the interest of the media.  I delivered the 50 page program book to the CBC and a producer called the next day. They had scoured the book, came down to the event and interviewed writers, and we ended up on the news every hour that weekend.  

My genuine thanks for everything Guy -- without you the sales would not have been what they were, and we would not have hosted such a successful event." 

Katherine Hobbs
Executive Steering Committee


Goodies to come

Basic information for new web content owners.

>>Click Here to view a sample of a Java Script that animates web assets.


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