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...providing creative solutions for print, web, and exhibits

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Graphic & Web Design

Guy Mercier is a registered Graphic Designer with programming skills.


Guy loves 3D. It gives him the power to create and capture any idea he chooses to draw.


Guy is proud to say that he received a 12 page spread in an international art magazine in 2014.

Vector Illustration

For those whom may not be aware of what a Vector illustration might be. A Vector is line artwork that can be scaled close to infinity without ever being concerned about the final resolution. Vector files are often use to create corporate identity logos.


Flash has it's good and bad points. The biggest pet peeve for me is that the files are not always accessible by some of the web browsing hardware and software many are now using.


English writing services are available. Guy Mercier speaks both French and English. However, his written English far surpasses his French. Those whom know Guy do know he loves to write.


I do not really have a team. Charlie does have his own Facebook page. Guy can paint. Guy does play the piano.

Guy Mercier

Graphic Designer

A multi talented artist guru who loves to share with his friends on his varied social media networks.

Charlie Mercier

Best Friend

Charlie is by my side each and every single day. He is my true partner.

Mme Geradine Fransacasser

French Canadian Comedian

The Pianist


Guy does love to play the piano.


Guy Mercier the multi-talented artistic techno guy


Guy is a registered graphic designer. He also provides other services for web development.

He has 3 decades of experience in the arts working along communication managers, writers, translators, photographers, and other professionals relating to the print and web industry.

He loves working in 3D. He loves to write and share with all his social media friends around the globe.

Personal Info

  •  613-710-3097


I love what I do. It was an honor working along so many awesome people.
The word THANKS doesn't even touch on the depth of my appreciation for the work Guy Mercier did on the Bloody Words Mystery Writers Conference. In addition to the brilliant creative on the website, and on the collateral (posters, bookmarks, t-shirts, program book, etc.) Guy provided us with ideas on how to market and promote the conference. He came up with the slogan - Mystery is afoot in Ottawa, and incorporated bloody footsteps into the design. Attendees to the conference remarked on how professional the event was. It was Guy who did that -- he gave us that look and feel. And it was also that professional look and feel that attracted the interest of the media. I delivered the 50 page program book to the CBC and a producer called the next day. They had scoured the book, came down to the event and interviewed writers, and we ended up on the news every hour that weekend.  My genuine thanks for everything Guy -- without you the sales would not have been what they were, and we would not have hosted such a successful event.

Katherine Hobbs

Chair - Bloody Words 2009 Steering Committee 
Ottawa Therapy Dogs (OTD) very much appreciates Guy Mercier’s many generous contributions: he is creative and technologically adept and always brings an action perspective, he puts in place solutions – almost before we know we have a problem! 

Margot Montgomery

Chair of Community Outreach Committee and OTD Board Member
You gave me light when no one else cared... like I have said and will always say. Your family and you will always be in my heart.

Michael T. Cothron

Facebook Friend
Guy Mercier
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